• izi

Fufu Orders!

Hello to all our wonderful Trices customers, friends and famililes. This will be Trices very first blog post. Excited to see how it turns out.

Recently, there has been an increased in the amount of people ordering fufu (pando or pounded yam). However, for whatever reason, people order without the soup to accompany or to go with the soup. Fufu or whatever kind of swallow (eba, amala, oatmeal fufu, wheat fufu, or Banku) have an almost bland taste independently. This is why you definitely need to order the soup (egusi, efo riro, okra, edikaikong, bitter leaf, oha, gbegiri and ewedu) to accompany your fufu. At Trices, we are usually more than happy to educate you about the different soups and fufu/swallows available.